As a parent we realize that you have quite a few concerns when it comes to your youth's future. Pre-College University was founded to walk along side you as you search for solutions to those concerns. This website provides current information in the areas of education and career success.

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Welcome to your virtual prep school. Pre-College University was founded to provide you with the supplemental educational support you need to succeed on every level. PCU not only provides you with valuable articles and links, but by becoming a member of our community you can take advantage of both virtual and on-location training that will prepare you for your educational and career pursuits.

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Whether you are just beginning or are a veteran in the workforce, Pre-College University has something for you. Links found on this website will give you insight into the current market climate, as well as prepare you for career growth. If you are just starting out, joining our community has a unique value.

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Welcome to Pre-College University

A Virtual Preparatory Academy

Pre-College University (PCU) is more than a website, it is a resource. There are several benefits to PCU, but you get to choose your level of engagement. As a casual visitor you may browse our home page, read through the supplied articles and links, and even read our latest blog. This part of PCU was designed to be a clearinghouse of valuable information to assist you on your journey. If you really want to experience PCU, then become a member of our community. To the right is an area for you to join our community. Once you have joined, you will have access to our database of on-demand trainings, webinars, blogs, presentations and valuable resources.

There is also the opportunity to attend seminars, visit colleges with your peers, talk to career counselors, find a mentor; the possibilities are endless. In other words PCU was designed to provide you with what you need to know, before you go: to high school, to college, or into your first or even second career. Pre-College University is your all access pass to success. Join our community today.

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19 Auguest 2019 08:25 AM Monday

10 Commandments of Pre-College


1. Keep God first. Find a good fellowship, small group of like-minded people. 

2. If you are going to college to just get out of your parents house, then you are not ready to go. You will most likely not put forth the effort of going to class, doing your work, etc. You will most likely get an A in extracurricular activities. 

3. Keep in mind the sacrifices your parents are making to send you. They have a CHOICE to send/help you; do not let them regret their decision. 

4. All money is not good money (enough said)! 


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The Gentlemen of Stillman College

Typically males don't stick around too long after our sessions, but these young men from Stillman College stayed and engaged with me for over 30-minutes after our afternoon sessions. They are going places.

MES Online Application Open!

The MES Program consists of a 10 - week paid summer internship at one of several participating Department of Energy sites.

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