• Personal Information - This includes Citizenship information, Date of Birth, Demographic Information, Address, Phone Numbers, Language Proficiency, Foreign Travel, Career Interest, etc.
  • Education History - This will include all Higher Education Institutions the applicant has attended, along with degree sought and GPA.
  • Work/Volunteer Experience - This includes Employer, Employer City and State. Title/Position, Start/End Year and Type of Opportunity.
  • Additional Information - This section includes Classification, Academic Major and Minor, and Degree Pursued. This section also requests the applicant describe their current research interests and goals and an explanation of how their participation in the program will impact their career. Finally, the applicant should be prepared to list relevant computer hardware and software capability and to describe any related activities that demonstrates their interest/commitment to their chosen discipline. These interests can include memberships in related organizations, special skills, etc. 
  • Academic Transcript - The applicant will be requested to upload Official transcripts from all colleges and universities the applicant has attended for credit. Please use university-generated transcripts. An official transcript would be best; a student copy is acceptable if it is in the format of an official transcript.
  • Resume - The applicant will be required to upload a current resume to the application site.
  • Recommendations - The applicant will be required to secure and provide full name, title, phone number and email addresses for three recommenders. Three letters of recommendation (Note: In the online application, please identify three recommenders to submit letters electronically.):

Three letters of recommendation (Note: In the online application, please identify three recommenders to submit letters electronically.)

  • Two from faculty members
  • One from a community leader who can comment on the applicant's non-academic accomplishments and his/her potential as an emerging professional.

Note: In the online application, applicants will identify recommenders, who will be contacted by the program and asked to submit letters electronically.  Additional recommendation letters will not be considered.

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The MES Program consists of a 10 - week paid summer internship at one of several participating Department of Energy sites.

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