Pre-College 10 Commandments

Posted by Clarence T. Brown : Published on 19-08-2019 08:25 AM; 829 Views

10 Commandments of Pre-College


1. Keep God first. Find a good fellowship, small group of like-minded people. 

2. If you are going to college to just get out of your parents house, then you are not ready to go. You will most likely not put forth the effort of going to class, doing your work, etc. You will most likely get an A in extracurricular activities. 

3. Keep in mind the sacrifices your parents are making to send you. They have a CHOICE to send/help you; do not let them regret their decision. 

4. All money is not good money (enough said)! 

5. These years are just as important as your formative years. Make them count. You will bump your head, make plenty of mistakes, and stupid decisions, we all have. But, LEARN from them.

6. Your parents are always there for you. Consider keeping them in the loop. It is a lot easier to coach you when they have all the info; the good, bad, and ugly. Be completely truthful. They understand, they too were once 18 and thought they knew EVERYTHING. 

7. Today is just a speck of time. The decisions you make today WILL affect your future. (What is done in the dark always comes to light). 

8. Do not take short cuts? What you put into college is what you will get out of it. Study to learn and master not just to pass the exam. 

9. You will have plenty of time to party, but keep BALANCED. Create a wellness plan and execute from the beginning. Address your emotional, physical, spiritual, educational, and whatever other areas you feel you need balanced. 

10. Have Responsible Fun. Enjoy this time.

                                                                                           Melinda Word

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